Meet the crew

chat2lrn @chat2lrn

I’m the one who is going to be sending out the tweets telling you about the topics we are going to chat about.  I will also be posing the questions however, I could do with some help from you.  After all this is about us learning from each other!  Although I am sure my crew will come up with great ideas, it would be great if you could also give me your suggestions. You can do this by either posting a message on my blog or emailing me at  Looking forward to chatting with you all!!

Things I like – challenging debate, learning from others and sharing experiences

Things I hate – spammers, people who don’t listen to other’s options, personal attacks and people who only think there is one way of doing things….their way!

Lesley Price @lesleywprice

I have been messing about on computers for more years than I care to think about, long before the days of the internet, but I hasten to add that am not a techie!  My interest and expertise is in how learning can support and enhance individual and organisational performance and the steps you need to take to make that happen.  I am based in the UK, now (semi) retired, working a couple of days a week for Learn Appeal.   A bit of a twitter addict, but that’s OK, my #PLN keep me sane 🙂

Things I hate: jargon, paper behind glass, click here next buttons and audio that just reads out the txt on the screen…what is the point?

Things I love: Meeting my #PLN in person and also connecting and learning from others, my garden – but only in the summer, I don’t like cold damp weather and my kids – one of each variety, both have left the ‘nest’ and as a bonus I now have free accomodation when I want to stay overnight in London!!

Judith Christian-Carter @judithELS

Co-owner of Effective Learning Solutions – a company which does what it says on the can! Ex-teacher (11 to 18 years), ex-L&D’er in both public and private sector (Barclays Bank), author, now a L&D specialist mainly in instructional design and eLearning. All my working life I’ve been helping people to learn and I do not propose to stop doing this for some time yet. Three years ago I ‘discovered’ social media and I haven’t looked back since. My PLN on Twitter just rocks!

Things I like/love: interesting people, dogs, photography, tennis, cricket, architecture, technology, walking, nature and the countryside.

Things I dislike/hate: unethical people, time-wasters, sycophants, bad/uncaring parents and desiccated coconut.

Patti Shank @pattishank

President of Learning Peaks LLC based in Denver Colorado, USA. I’m a learning analyst, designer/developer, author (look me up on Amazon), and passionate writer about training, performance and e-learning (I write mainly for Learning Solutions and Magna Publications). I have two grown children, three cats, a wonderful husband who puts up with all sorts of nonsense, and an absolutely amazing life. My website:

Things I love: hiking, dancing (I tap dance and do Zumba… you?), black licorice, cooking, statistics, HGTV, movies, books (favorite book is Stephen King’s The Dark Towers series), and watching the coyotes and deer that roam our neighborhood.

Meg BertapelleMeg Bertapelle @megbertapelle

Senior Instructional Designer, Clinical & Product Education at Intuitive Surgical in Sunnyvale, CA. I’ve worked there since 2008 and love it.  I truly love helping people learn, and at my current job, I feel good about my contribution to making patients’ lives better (indirect though it may be).  I’m also the mother of an amazing little girl, wife of the love of my life, passionate crafter (knitting mostly), and marching band geek.  I wish there was more time in a day to pursue all the fun things I love to do!

mgmt_andrea1Andrea May @andreamay1

I am the Vice President of Instructional Design Services at Dashe & Thomson based in Minneapolis, MN where we help companies maximize their technology investments through custom training, performance support and change management initiatives. As a life-long learner and theatre-geek, I love helping people understand complex ideas and systems and providing the tools they need to succeed. I have two beautiful daughters with my husband, who is a transplanted Brit that loves to complain about the Minnesota winters.

Things I hate: Scraping the ice off my car windows, the never-ending laundry pile, and badly designed training and eLearning programs.

Things I love: My family, my work, great novels and plays, my wonderful Twitter PLN, Doctor Who, and a good massage.

FQ2Fiona Quigley @FionaQuigs

The marriage of learning and technology is where I am most happy. In Bond films I’d be “Q”, which is handy as it is one of my initials. I have worked in the technology industry for 20 years, having originally trained as a software engineer. I work for Logicearth, an Irish-based learning services company. I’m a fairly idealistic sort of person and truly believe in the power of learning to democratise the world. Our ability to learn and adapt to new situations and conditions is a magnificent gift.

Things I love: Testing the latest gadgets, helping others to learn, walking on the beach, being out in nature, milky tea, and listening to the excited conversations of my nieces and nephew as they grown up and discover new experiences.

Things I hate: rude, impatient and unkind people, rain, public transport and unrealistic deadlines!

Ross Garner @R0ssGarner

I’m an Online Instructional Designer at GoodPractice, a learning technologies company based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

I first entered the L&D sphere around three years ago and have a particular interest in using eLearning, video and gamification to improve workplace performance.

In previous lives I’ve worked as a journalist covering The X Factor and once wrote a documentary about New Zealand’s red meat sector.

Things I hate: extended meetings, poor wifi and the ‘reply all’ button.

Things I love: writing, travel, meeting new people.


8 thoughts on “Meet the crew

  1. I’m quite disappointed that none of you seem to have a book that you’re trying to sell. Get busy. Srsly — congratulations on starting something that sounds interesting and valuable. I’ll stop in and see what’s happening!

    • Thanks for dropping by Dick. We had a really great first session…..60 participants from all over the world and between us we managed over 670 tweets in a hour! Hope you can join us in a couple of weeks

    • We haven’t got time to write books Dick, as we’re all far too busy getting this up an running! Seriously though, your congrats are most appreciated and please do stop by in a fortnight’s time to see what we are up to then 🙂 Judith

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