Chat topic suggestions

If you have topics that you would lke to suggest, that’s great…certainly beats me having to think them up!!  Can’t wait to hear from you!!  Just post a comment and then we can get the ball rolling…

10 thoughts on “Chat topic suggestions

  1. It’s a great topic, Denise. At least one question should deal with how to accomodate technologically disadvantaged students (those w/o smart devices).

  2. What role should an L&D dept have when it comes to Performance Improvement in an organization? Are these separate but equal roles? If so, who is responsible for the initial needs/performance analysis – L&D, or the PI team? Should L&D folks be responsible for knowing P&I models and practices?

  3. Potential Topic: How do you do good learning design on an efficient basis?

    Possible questions:
    how do you find out if an intervention is really needed and get an impact measure?
    how do you gather objectives ‘on a shoestring’?
    how do you come up with meaningful practice without a programming language?
    how do you get to the core model without being a SME (and having limited SME time)?
    how do you get meaningful examples (and non-examples) in an efficient manner?
    how do you tap into the learner’s interests up front to hook them into the experience?

      • Hi Clark, I am available to assist in researching the 6 Topics you’ve listed. As you know, I will have a consideration of how xAPI might cover some / all of these topics. My prior knowledge ADDIE and AGILE prior to xAPI could provide reasoning / needs might show links to each.

  4. Possible topic: slow learning. That is, matching learning to rate learning really occurs. Or, more generally, aligning our technology to how we *really* think, work, and learn.

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