How to join in the chat

There are lots of tools to help you.  You can follow #chat2lrn and comment using either Twitter or Tweetdeck and that is great!  However, it means that if you want to make a comment, retweet or respond, you will have to remember to type in #chat2lrn.

Alternatively you can login to and enter your Twitter ID & PW. This will take you to a page where everyone will be tweeting about chat2lrn.  All of your posts will automatically end with the letters #chat2lrn ..makes life so much easier 🙂  Tweetchat also allows you to make your own comments, retweet or reply to others taking part in the chat.

We really want you to be part of the chat and we would also like as many of your fellow tweeps to take part, but we would advise you to think about a few of things first. We suggest that just before you take part in the tweetchat, that you let your twitter mates know that you are taking part in a tweetchat.  Although the topic may be of interest to you, there is the possibility that not all of your followers have the same interests so may not want to be bombarded with messages.

For the same reason, we would suggest that if your twitter account automatically updates your Facebook page or your LinkedIn page, unless you want either of these to be updated everytime you post a message, that you disable the automatic updates before starting.  After the tweetchat is finished, its dead easy to re-enable both FB and LinkedIn.

If you still have questions about how to take part please either contact me on twitter @chat2lrn or send me an email and either me or one of my crew will help you out.

3 thoughts on “How to join in the chat

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