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During the chats, many of the contributors share links and resources.  We thought it would be useful to bring these together in one place rather than you have to search through the transcripts for them.

Learning Management Systems – do we need them?

Interesting post shared via @equusnyder

9 Lessons Learned from Standing up and LMS (Twice)

Great resources below shared by  via @ExpertusONE

“What Kind of LMS Hater Are You?” by Janet Clarey, Managing Director, ELearningGuild Academy (written several years ago, when she was an industry analyst at Bersin)

“How Do You React To the Words “Learning Management System”? by Donald Taylor, with comments from myself and others… A sad example of what seems to happen in some corners when people mention the world “LMS”

“The Red Hot Market for Learning Management Systems” via Forbes By Josh Bersin (the most influential learning technology industry analystI

“5 Types of LMs 2014” via Talented Learning by independent LMS selection analyst, John Leh

“A Cloud LMS By Any Other Name” via Talented Learning also by independent LMS selection analyst, John Leh

“LMS State of Affairs” one of many quick “unvarnished” commentary posts on E-Learning 24/7 Blog by independent, outspoken learning tech analyst + LMS selection advisor, Craig Weiss

“Learning Luminary Interview: Craig Weiss” Q&A with Craig about what’s on the horizon for LMSs and elearning from the Expertus Learning in the Cloud blog this week. Hint: He sees lots of need – and corresponding advancements – no slowing down or irrelevance.

“The Return of the LMS”  If you’re looking for a baseline POV from an LMS vendor, this is a post from Expertus that relies on commentary by enterprise technology analysts, Josh Bersin (Bersin by Deloitte) and Jim Lundy (Aragon Research) – explaining as THEY say, why…“Now, more than ever, is the time to rethink your learning technology strategy and put in place a long-term solution which makes your company a continuous learning organization.” The goal is not for an LMS to provide all possible “learning” functionality – but to enable easy, seamless learning program integration with whatever enterprise and external technologies are desired in today’s social, mobile, networked organizations. It’s about freeing companies from the limits of legacy LMS code, and instead offering a more open, flexible foundation that “fits in” and add value in any modern organization.

Virtual Worlds

For those of you interested in Virtual Worlds, this is environment being developed by DPG –  here is a link for you to watch and to help bring it to life –

This is something that @MikeCollins007 working on developing with DPG looks like it’s got great potential to support existing programmes or to be used to provide low cost online events / conferences.

DPG are looking for willing volunteers to come and get involved in some virtual events or even host some virtual events absolutely free of charge. They are genuinely passionate about developing this tool and pushing the boundaries as to what they do in this space and want input from as many of the L&D community as want to be involved, and have some fun on the way 🙂

If anyone else is interested in taking a ‘spin’ and having a closer look then they should contact Mike at


@tomspiglanin – Social Media -Give more to get more

Pinterest May Be More Than a Just a Boredom Buster –

@stipton – Order Taker, Fortune Teller or Salesperson?

Social Learning – the mindset

@DocHavis shared his Informal Learning Inventory

@FusionUni shared videos that show how some of their clients are using social learning

Learning Measurement

Phil Green, Onlignment : Why training may not always be the right course of action – Part 1:

FAILfair : Projects succeed, projects fail. The successes are reported on, the failures are filed away. Or, in the case of most ICT 4 Development or Mobile 4 Development projects, pushed under the proverbial rug: Well, it’s time to bring out the failures, with a sense of humor, and with an honest look at ourselves. Hence was born: FAILFaire.:

Owen Fergusson, GoodPractice: Evaluation in L & D:

Kelly Meeker, Opensesame curated the content using Storify: “Debating Learning & Training Measurement on #chat2lrn”


Facebook can be a great way of sharing learing experiences and resources….why don’t you check out Dave Kelly’s (aka @LnDDave) FB page ?….lots of comments on current topics and great resources!!

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