Chatter house rules

We are all here to learn, share, chat with old friends, meet some new ones and also have some fun along the way. So…….

1.  Introduce your self, where are you from and what do you do

2.  @chat2lrn will ask questions as the discussion progresses, each question will start with Q followed by a number e.g.Q1), Q2) etc.  Please include the Q) number in your responses so that we all know what question you are responding to.

3.  Remember to include #chat2lrn in your tweets, this is where using can help as it will do it for you automatically.

4.  RT as often as you want, that way people not involved in the chat can find out what we are all talking about and hopefully they will join in the conversation.

4.  As well as learning, we are also here to have fun. Although humour and sarcasm can be funny and we certainly don’t mind funny comments, please remember not everybody has the same sense of humour.

5.  The conversation and discussion doesn’t need to stop at the end of the tweetchat.  Far from it, in fact we would love you to keep posting your thoughts on the blog!

Happy Chatting 🙂


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