Summary 15/03/12 – Social learning – the mindset

  1. #chat2lrn is all about conversation to take learning forward. On Thursday 15th of March 2012, the focus was the mentality of social learning.
    Inspired by Steve LeBlanc & Marcia Conner’s article we asked our #chat2lrn participants;
  2. Q1) What characterises the organisations in which social learning thrive? #chat2lrn

  3. Here’s a tag cloud and some selected tweets from the discussion that followed:
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    Fri, Mar 16 2012 20:00:00
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    Q1 Trust, enthusiasm #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:11:14
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    Q1) Fearlessness 🙂 #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 11:22:21
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    Q1) acceptance of failure is critical, and ways to cultivate learning from it #Chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 11:25:33
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    RT @guerillalearn: Q1) tolerance for ambiguity, uncertainty, and serendipity. < many orgs find that really hard #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:13:44
  9. and a rather neat summary by David Kelly;
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    Q1) Social Learning thrives because it is natural; it’s really a question of how well an org supports it. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:14:06
  11. ..leading us on to the next question.
  12. Q2) Which should come first, the culture? or the tools to enable the new approach to work & learning? #chat2lrn 

  13. Placing the emphasis on the word “should”, it was obvious most members of the group agreed that culture, eats strategy – as well as tools – for breakfast.
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    RT @lnddave: Q2) An adaption of Drucker… “Culture eats Tools for breakfast”. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:33:14
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    @megbertapelle I agree w/ @lnddave – culture eats tools for lunch. Need a culture that values collaboration for tool to succeed #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:26:42
  16. But the discussion quickly reflected the more complex relationship between tools and the living, breathing, evolving culture of an organisation.
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    Culture isn’t something you put in place. It’s living. It’s like an amoeba & you can help it change by being a pseudopod 😉 #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:19:28
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    Q2) I’m not sure abt this one: will tool fail if culture not supportive? how to develop the culture w/out tools? #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:19:13
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    q2)hmm – culture has to exist somewhere in org to begin, but tools can help bring the disparate community together more #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:18:32
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    q2) sharing culture has to be there but you also need tools that allow you to share #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:18:07
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    @megbertapelle Model the values and characteristics you want to see in the culture you’re trying to influence 🙂 #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:21:35
  22. and the topic inevitably turned to change management
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    Q2) might actually be easier to chng culture in bigger orgs – small rebel groups given tools, undermine trad roadblocks over time #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:26:35
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    Maybe it is no a Q about culture coming 1st, 2nd or last but rather that it is an important principle that it is there #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:23:25

  25. Q3) What attitudes & mentalities are holding orgs back from the benefits of social tech & learning approaches? #chat2lrn

    Intentionally, we didn’t specify who’s attitudes and mentalities we were referring to in this question. Interestingly the word “fear” came up a lot in all the conversations that followed regardless of who’s mentality the answer referred to. Here are some examples;
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    Agree. Fear of “how to use” is decreasing. But “what is useful” concerns remain (& are valid) RT @OpenSesame Q3) Fear… #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:39:54
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    @OpenSesame @expertusone wasting time is an active choice by the user. Tech isn’t always the culprit. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:45:08
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    q3) performance culutre, “knowledge is power” still hangs on, fear of asking (& by implication appearing stupid if you don’t know) #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:28:05
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    Q3) Concerns about social tech: Fear of spreading bad practices, concern about wasting time, lack of evidence of benefits #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:29:54
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    Q3 fear? at least now you can visibility of bad practice being shared and act on it, rather than it flying under the radar #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:36:26
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    @FusionUni Great idea. But that also implies acceptance of transparency. That might be harder for some than others. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:39:23
  32. Q4) How can we assist any required mental and cultural shift? #chat2lrn 
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    q4) get to know who the blockers are and understand their way to understand ‘enemy’ is to get into their skin #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:38:35
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    Q4) just start doing it, demonstrate tangible benefits to skeptics. Reframe social learning as networking – old guard gets that. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:38:02
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    Q4) it might be as simple as success stories…particularly in parallel or competitive settings. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:38:15
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    Q4) sometimes I wonder if the flood of new tools/gizmos works against us? is there such a thing as “too much”? #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:44:04
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    Q4) need to be cautious about flogging tools – work on reframing chit chat as learning that enhances work 1st.=> culture change. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:47:01
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    We have to remember that social is opt-in, not everyone will. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:38:41
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    Q4) I still believe in the power of 1 person at a time, because you catch their network too! #Chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:36:12
  40. Q5) To what degree are we in a position and equipped to assist such a transition? #chat2lrn
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    Q5) desire plays a role here…do you want to be equipped to help with the transition?? #Chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:49:46
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    q5) if you don’t keep knocking on doors very often nothing happens…we need resiliance and persistance #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:52:16
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    Q5 I think much of it falls down to both modelling the behaviour and empowering others to do follow suit. Champion the benefits… #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:51:51
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    …and find champions of the tools. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:53:03
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    Q5) we’re all in position – model and demonstrate that inf learning is valuable to work, w/ OR w/o SoMe tools. Change perspective. #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:50:20
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    q5) also recognise that the SL approach spans further than SoMe – UP the experimentation, engage and involve in all your ‘duties’! #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:57:46
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    @KristiBroom Solution to many problems…RT @pattishank: q4) Patience #chat2lrn

    Thu, Mar 15 2012 12:48:04

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