What Spooks Us and Others about Social Learning

As Halloween approaches, we’re thinking about what spooks us and others about social learning.    Often, we’re scared of the unknown as we’re thinking about creating social learning.  Getting social learning set up properly and then gaining traction can be a real challenge.  And, what if launching and marketing isn’t your problem – what if your social learning efforts are wildly successful and then you lose control – is that OK?

Well, don’t be too frightened since social learning can come to the rescue for many of these questions.  As we support each other in our learning network during #Chat2Lrn, we’ll help each other think about these challenges and the best ways to overcome these fears and make social learning work for all of us.  We’ll be thinking about:

  • What scares you about getting social learning started and keeping it going?
  • Who and what needs to be at the social learning party in order for it to be successful?
  •  What makes social learning fail?
  • What is your scariest social learning (mini) story and what did you learn from it?  
  • What scares participants, lurkers and non-participants about social learning? Can you make them feel safe?
  • What spooks stakeholders about social learning? How can we reassure them?
  • What keeps SMEs from participating?  What can we do to do encourage them?
  • What is the secret sauce in a successful social learning brew?     
  •  How do you measure the effectiveness of your SoMe effort?

Whether you’ve never considered social learning, if you’re hearing stirs of social learning on the horizon, you’re in the middle of trying to set up social learning or if you’re an experienced coordinator – join us for #Chat2lrn this Thursday, October 30th (the day before Halloween) 9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT/4:00pm GMT to share your fears, ideas and learned solutions.

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