Neuroscience and Learning

Definition of neuroscience: a branch (as neurophysiology) of science that deals with the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, or molecular biology of nerves and nervous tissue and especially their relation to behavior and learning (

Those involved in designing, delivering or any other aspect of training and development in most settings will find themselves at one point or another wondering: how do people learn?

There’s theories (of course, lots of them), but it seems like there’s a lot of talk about the brain when it comes to learning lately. The subject of neuroscience is hot, but especially when connected to learning. In fact, a quick search turned up quite a few interesting hits:

Trouble is, that the field is still quite young, and there’s a lot of pop psychology and neuro-babble out there to trip us up. But, the fact remains, knowing about how brains work is pretty integral to how we might approach training and creating conditions for learning.

Unless you are a neuroscientist, you might find it hard to separate fact from fiction or struggle to understand practical applications of neuroscience. Or you may hear about things (like the “Jennifer Aniston neuron”. Really) that make you wonder if there’s any connection to your own work. Perhaps you are a neuro-skeptic that’s seen our field adopt “truths” that have turned out to be not so truth-y after all (I’m looking at you, learning styles).

Curious about neuroscience and learning? Come and join our chat! Are you an actual brain scientist? Definitely come and join our chat and help us unravel the mysteries in our heads.

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7 thoughts on “Neuroscience and Learning

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  2. Hi team,

    I just wanted to share some additional resources before Thursday’s chat:

    1. An infographic on Interval Reinforcement:
    2. A whitepaper on Interval Reinforcement:
    3. An article from this month’s issue of CLO titled, ‘Learning to Read Their Minds’:
    4. A webinar recording about how Brain Science is Transforming Corporate Learning:

    Looking forward to Thursday!


    – Shum

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