New Year Resolutions for Learning and Development

sparkling_2014_lightsEvery year brings new challenges and opportunities. Every year brings new hope to do things better, more successfully, and more effectively. To actually accomplish this requires honest reflection, planning, and a personal commitment to make it happen.

How are external factors, such as technology and the economy, changing the way business is done? How do those changes affect the learning and development function. How will we go about making changes to our daily activities and be a more effective business partner, regardless of our role?

One view of the present-day role of learning and development in the organization was generously provided by Jane Hart (click here). She offers both an explanation of the learning and performance needs of today’s workplace, as well as a roadmap for how to better meet the needs of its employees.

Although Jane provided this insight over a year ago, many of us look at our industry and see little changed. All too frequently the response to a performance need is a course. All too often “we” respond to a request for a new course with, “Yes,” rather than challenge that response or offer alternative solutions. That reticence to change was reflected in Jane Bozarth’s shared Pinterest board with numerous contributors, “L&D Responses to Change” (worth a look here).

So, as we move into 2014, what resolutions are you making in your role as a learning and performance professional? Join us on 2 January 2014 at 4:00 PM GMT / 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PST and share your thoughts.

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Chat2Lrn Winter Holiday Special – Giving back to our Communities

It’s that time of year when our traditions around the world celebrate both family and community. Something about this season reminds us of the importance of “giving back” through charitable work, good deeds, and many other ways. The Chat2Lrn crew would like to take this time to recognize our communities, both physical and online, and discuss how and why people “give back” to them.

We’d like to hear how you’ve seen people give back to their communities. Leave us a comment below anytime in the next 24 hours. It may take a while to approve comments, but when the crew is awake we’ll get right to that.

Then join us for a special Chat2Lrn this Thursday, December 19, at 4:00 PM GMT / 11:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM PST to discuss this topic. We will resume Chat2Lrn on 2 January and follow every two weeks thereafter throughout 2014.

Upcoming Chats on Chat2Lrn

December 19 – Winter Holiday Special – Giving back to our Communities

January 2 – L+D Resolutions for the New Year

January 16 – Becoming innovative/creative

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Putting Technology in the Driving Seat of Learning

drivingIn September 2013, Laura Overton (Towards Maturity) posted an article entitled “Preparing for a future of technology driven corporate learning”. This got me thinking because, up until then, I’d always talked about ‘technology enabled learning’ and the thought of technology actually driving learning had never occurred to me!

What, in particular, caught my eye in Laura’s post was this:

“When I think about the future of L&D, I fear that many L&D professionals will be in for a shock! The stark fact is that in all other aspects of business life, technology is completely turning the way we work inside out and upside down. Business leaders are very clear that technology is a key driver of not just an enabler.”

Well, that certainly told me in no uncertain terms, but then there was more disturbing news:

“The future of corporate L&D is inextricably intertwined with the future of business – if technology is driving change in our business, we have to be open to the fact that it is also driving change in the way that people learn and grow. If CEOʼs are kept awake at night by the fact that business change is required to meet customer expectations, then L&D professionals need to wake up to the needs of their own internal customers who are working in these 21st century workplaces.”

So, if technology is now going to be the driver of learning then what is the future going to look like?  Again, Laura has the answer:

The “Future of learning will not be linked to the latest learning ʻtrendʼ be it mobile, social, 70:20:10 or even blended. But it will be shaped by those who are passionate about contributing to business performance and committed to building skills and confidence of their staff and are willing to lay down preconceived ideas to achieve their goals.”

Then I thought, is Laura alone in thinking like this? The answer is, no, she isn’t. Steve Barden (LINE Communications) has also posted about the same, ie that technology is also a driver of change within organisations to which L&D must respond. Kineo, too, in its latest Learning Insights Report, “Learning at the Speed of Need”, November 2013, has said very much the same, as have Bob Little and Connie Malamed.

What then, do you think about this prediction and, even more importantly, if you agree with it, what impact is it going to have on your job role and all those learners you serve?

Join us for #chat2lrn on Thursday 12 December 08.00PST/11.00EST/16.00GMT and share your views.

Posted by Judith Christian-Carter, crew member of #chat2lrn