The Scary Side of L & D

Halloween 1In honor of our upcoming Halloween chat, #Chat2lrn would like to take some time to focus on the scary side of L&D.  We all have horror stories to share about:

  • The SME who wants to beat you to death with irrelevant technical details and will spontaneously combust if they are not included.
  • The project manager whose claws come out over the smallest of issues but who ignores the big ones.
  • The LMS that won’t play nice with your content or your users, creating a digital ghost town.
  • The SME who sucks the lifeblood out of you until you swear to use every SINGLE bit of information that he gave you.
  • The project timelines that continue to slip until your back is against the wall and no one can hear you scream.
  • The great content that you slaved over for months but no one will take due to management apathy.
  • The client who won’t give final sign off until the zombie apocalypse arrives.
  • The SME who won’t answer a direct question and just says “it depends…,” making you want to run screaming through the halls.

So what can we do as L&D professionals to minimize these scary situations? How can we avoid turning into a pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight?Halloween 2

Join us for #Chat2lrn this Thursday October 31(Halloween) 9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT/4:00pm GMT to share your scary L&D stories and possible solutions.

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