What’s inspiring you right now?

This post has been written by @martinccouzins, editor of LearnPatch.

In our last two chats we have focused on the skills of learning and development professionals. First, we delved into the findings of the Learning and Performance Institute’s Capability Map, which showed, amongst other things, that as a profession there appear to be big skills gaps around competency management, change management, data interpretation, communication, marketing and relationship management.

Following on from this, we looked at which skills L&D needs. Again, skills such as project management and communication cropped up.

But the gaps tell us one side of the story. This week, we want to look at where L&D professionals are turning to for inspiration. What are you watching, reading and listening in order to to seek inspiration for new ways of working and for ideas that will help transform learning at work.

And who is inspiring you? Who are the people – both in L&D and beyond – who grab your attention and make you think?

We want to find out how you stay informed. What is catching your eye right now? We hope the chat will enable us to co-create a list of resources for others to use and add to and maybe identify better ways of sharing what we discover.

And just because L&D brings us together that doesn’t mean we only want to hear about inspiration from within. We want to hear about your influences outside of L&D that inform the work you do.

Hopefully by the end of the chat we will have created a great resource to share with colleagues and peers!

Join us for #chat2lrn, Thursday 22/8/2013 at 16.00BST/11.00EDT/08.00PDT

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