If you were your organisation’s leader……what would you expect from Learning?

In this #chat2lrn session we are inviting you to imagine yourself in the role of your ultimate customer – the leader of your enterprise. He or she may be a President, CEO, MD, Principal, or have some other title but whatever the title is, the leader of the organisation to which you belong and in which you practice your learning skills.

As leader, you are accountable for the direction, operation and performance of that enterprise. The external environment is tough and unpredictable. There are severe challenges from the global recession, money is scarce and must be spent to yield the maximum return that can be squeezed from it. Change happens ever more rapidly, competition is fierce, including for skilled resources. Your functional heads are arguing strongly for people and money to implement strategies to enable survival, but all of them are aware of the unpredictability of the future.

You have an L&D function which all your training as a leader tells you should be a supportive asset in these critical times. It, too, is asking for resources because it has a vision to implement new technologies in learning. What do you expect of that function? That is the question we will attempt to answer in our next #chat2lrn on Thursday 6 December at 16.00 GMT.

Can you put yourself in the position of that leader where you have to challenge and justify every element of your organisation’s business plan?

Have a look at a few snippets of recent research and a couple of comments from some business leaders. They make sobering reading

• Learning budgets have decreased 10% year on year for the last 6 years
• Staffing of L&D has been on a downwards trend for the last decade
• Fewer than 15% of leaders in a recent American based survey would recommend L&D to their colleagues as a useful resource in helping lead change or improve performance
• “Our learning function is out of touch with the real needs of the business”
• “We are not providing information and support to our people in their preferred learning methodologies”

But of course there is another side and many enterprises out there are doing some wonderful work in helping their learning experts to become true business support experts with a unique expertise. The creativity in some places is mind-bending and a few can point to real benefit delivered to their organisations. New technologies are being implemented and achieving results beyond expectations or even dreams.

In your role as a business leader, what do you expect of your learning function, it’s people and its powerful technology? How do you envision them? How do you expect them to engage? What outcomes do you want from them? What “bang for your buck” do you expect from them?



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