Back-channelling in Operation – Getting the Best from Learning Live

Those of us who were privileged to take part in the last Dave Kelly inspired #chat2lrn must have left the session with a long list of ideas to try out in gaining value from back channels in the upcoming conference season. One of the first opportunities will be the UK’s Learning Live organised by the prestigious Learning and Performance Institute. #chat2lrn is delighted to be partnering with Learning Live and it’s conference back channel to give our friends the opportunity to learn and practice skills and to benefit from a programme that includes Jane Bozarth, Steve Wheeler, our very own Nic Laycock and other great speakers. For those of our friends on the American continent this is an opportunity to become involved in a UK conference. LPI invites you to join with the conference using hashtag #LearningLive.

We highly recommend that you join in with the delegates’ discussions, reflections and learning. An official curation team, which includes some of #chat2lrn moderators, will help facilitate, provide context and ‘serve’ the backchannel.

Dave Kelly – what a star he is – has happily agreed to provide further helpful material based on emerging ideas from the last #chat2lrn which can be tried out during the conference.

Thursday’s #chat2lrn runs parallel with the conference’s conclusion and will aim to summarise key learning emerging from the conference, as well as what the experience has taught us about how to create and gain from a conference back channel.

This is a great way for us all to put into practice the ideas we created together and then to chat together about what has worked and to develop future ideas.  We hope you will join us for #chat2lrn on Thursday 13 September at 16.00 BST/11.00 EDT and that you will be able to join Learning Live on #LearningLive on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13 September. The first part of our conversation will major on what the online community perceived and was able to learn from the backchannel. The later part will focus on how well the backchannel worked and how it could be improved as a vehicle for learning for a future conference.

If you have never taken part in a back channel – don’t miss out on this opportunity!

If you are unable to join our practical learning experiment we would still love you to join #chat2lrn to help ussummarise and evaluate what we have experienced in what promises to be a really exciting conference. For more information go to the Learning Live website.

In the meantime enjoy and benefit from the resources below from Dave Kelly – the undisputed master of the backchannel.  We are really grateful, Dave!

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