Social learning – the mindset

  1. The benefits that social technologies can bring are wholly dependent on our willingness to embrace the mentality that created it.

  2. Talks on social media are more often than not populated with the familiar logos that embody the success of these new technologies that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content. Inevitably followed by a exponential curve reaching for the skies.

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    Sat, Mar 10 2012 17:19:58
  4. But the impact and growth of social media has really very little to do with these tools.

    There are much stronger, more fundamental forces that have been driving social media’s success.

    Social media has tapped into our very nature as social beings – openness, trust, transparency, community. The very fabric of being human.

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    “A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviours” – Clay Shirky, Us Now
    Sat, Jan 28 2012 14:21:27
  6. There is NO doubt technology has enabled a new kind of interconnectedness and new opportunities for learning, but the benefits that social technologies can bring are very much dependent on our willingness to embrace the mentality that created it.

    As Marcia Conner and Steve LeBlanc say;
  7. “Social learning is not just the technology of social media (…) Social learning combines social media tools with a shift in the corporate culture, a shift that encourages ongoing knowledge transfer and connects people in ways that make learning a joy”
  8. The fears and barriers that so often crop up when businesses are looking to implement social learning technologies are often more than tactical issues, slowing the process of implementing technology, but attitudes and reflections of a culture that is slowing down the progress of the company as a whole.

  9. Vlatka Hlupic writes;

    “The need for a new mindset and leadership skills has never been more urgent, but translating it into action remains a challenge for many”

    “Leaders come to realise that while it may not initially be easy to give up power, more power and influence are gained subsequently by letting go.”

  10. So what comes first?- the leaders comfortable with the shift in formal control and with the trust in employees to act in the organisation’s interest?

    – or the technology that enable networks to form across the formal boundaries of a hierarchical organisation?
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    Can you still have 21st century learning without 21st century tools?
    Mon, Feb 06 2012 21:08:13
  12. – or indeed, can you really benefit from “21st century tools”, without a 21st century mindset?——————————————————————————————————————————-This is the topic to be addressed at #chat2lrn this thursday (15th of March) at 4pm GMT. If you’re interested to learn more about this topic;
  13. Recommended reading

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    Mon, Mar 12 2012 08:17:04
  15. Please feel free to express your view and/or recommend additional resources in the comments.

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