Welcome to chat2lrn!

So what is #chat2lrn

It is a place for people interested in the topic of Learning who use the social messaging service Twitter to learn from one another.   Our chats will explore and discuss how the social and business environment, especially the digital experience is changing the world and how that impacts learning and the way that we operate and function within it.

#chat2lrn will last an hour and take place every two weeks at 4.00pm GMT/BST on a Thursday commencing 19th January 2012.

Prior to every session @chat2lrn will tweet a link to articles/blog posts that will be discussed during the chat.  This will give participants the opportunity to think about the topic and what impact that may have on their working lives, the organisation they work for and the service they are delivering to the organisations and learners they support.  Following the discussion, a record of the discussion will be posted on the #chat2lrn blog as well as a summary of the key points.  This will allow us all to reflect and comment, following which we can either park it for the time being or come back to it in the future.

Why should I take part #chat2lrn?

It will give you the opportunity to discuss current topics with other Learning Professionals from all over the world.  Since the early #lrnchat closed, we have been asking people who used to take part whether they would be interested in participating in something similar and the overwhelming response has been “Yes!” and “When will it start??!!”  We have had interest from the UK, the USA, Canada and South Africa as well as other European countries.  As far as we know, now that #lrnchat is no longer doing an early session, there is no other regular tweetchat that will allow you to discuss how the digital world is affecting the way that we support and develop performance in the workplace.

Ok…sounds interesting, but who is running it?

We see this as being a community effort, but you are right, somebody has to make sure that the blog is kept up to date, the discussion is both topical and interesting and we don’t get infiltrated by spammers!  So far those who have put their heads above the parapet are Lesley Price, Nic Laycock, Judith Christian-Carter, Ollie Gardener, Patti  Shank and Meg Bertapelle aka @lesleywprice, @alc47,  @JudithELS, @olliegardener @pattishank and @megbertapelle

Sounds good…how do I join in?

The online chat (#chat2lrn) happens every second Thursday at 16.00 GMT/BST, starting on January 19th. The “#” sign, known as a hashtag enables you to search for #chat2lrn and participate in the discussion. You can also use live-chat services such as TweetChat and TweetGrid or even seek out #chat2lrn in Twitter search. @chat2lrn will post the topic for discussion on the chat2lrn blog the weekend before the chat and also start sending tweets inviting you to join in.

Why set up a new regular twitterchat?

#lrnchat runs every Thursday 8.30 – 10pm EST/1.30- 3.00GMT and for about a year, until in October 2011,  the organisers also ran an early session starting at 16.30GMT/9.30EST.  The early session ran at a time meant that tweeps in EMEA  could take part and join in the conversation without having to stay up until the early hours of the morning. Each session used the same format and lasted for an hour and a half.  It had a truly global flavour and gave us all the opportunity to discuss topics of common interest, share experiences and learn from each other in real time.  Unfortunately, the early session ended in October 2011, so unless you have the stamina to stay up until the early hours, then the only opportunity to join in now to read the transcripts and comment on them. Don’t know about you folks, but @chat2lrn needs beauty sleep…otherwise my bright colours may begin to fade :-(.

So I thought I would gather together some people together who would help me. So far I have got six tweeps who have said we like your colours and we also miss the early #lrnchat…they are the crew!  They are great,  but I could always do with new and fresh ideas.  So if you have a topic that you are really interested in…email me chat2lrn@gmail.com.  If you would like to be a crew member and help run the chat…the more the merrier..so same applies either email or contact me on twitter @chat2lrn.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to chat2lrn!

  1. Howdy,

    Great to see this taking place and thank you to all who have got it this far.

    I have 2 questions:

    Will we be able to make suggestions around topics of future conversations?

    Any chance the text above could be changed from

    ….”support and develop learning in the workplace”


    … ” support and develop performance in the workplace”?


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. To answer your first question…Absolutely!! Not only can you make suggestions, you can write a post and suggest resources that people should look at before the chat. The whole purpose is to stimulate debate and to do that we need to involve the whole community. We also want to make sure that we cover a wide range of topics so all suggestions are very welcome.

      I also like your suggestion that we change learning to performance…so consider it done!


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